Sunday, January 05, 2014

Who's Up for Paws?

My good friend, Jun Yeo and her hubby, Hurb Leung are starting something new. It's called Up For Paws and should be open for business by March 2014. The two had met when they were students at McGill

Their entrepreneurial journey is going to be very different from what we are used to reading about, especially in Singapore. Their business is not an app, web2.0 or speciality-e-commerce-group-buying-flash-sale-website. It's something they are passionate about, in love with and not for moment do I think they see it as "work". 

Both of them them are highly educated and accomplished in their careers. I have no doubt their business will deliver great value and be very professional managed. The more I think of their leap of faith, to do something they love and inservice of others, I am reminded of this talk by Tim O'Reilly on the clothesline paradox and the sharing economy.  

I asked Jun if it's OK to document their startup experience over beer one evening:

This was just before they finished up on their business plan. They have since taken up space and is awaiting approvals from various authorities. 
First version of the UPFORPAWS business plan.

Hurb working hard on the UPFORPAWS business plan.
Hopefully, by same time next year, we will have lots more videos and if my editing skills have improved, we can make it into a documentary about entrepreneurship in Singapore of the non web kind. 

The first UpForPaws will be coming up at 742 Bedok Reservoir Road.

Be sure to sign up for Up For Paws email updates. 

Wishing Jun and Hurb the very best of luck! 

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