Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Pay it forward does help, especially at the A&E

Most of the past week's holidays was spent at the A&E of Changi General Hospital. Fortunately, it wasn't anything serious just a viral flu which refused to go away and decided to transfer from one family member to the other... and do it three times. 

I wasn't affected, which meant that I had long waiting periods at the A&E. An average visit would take about three to four hours, mostly waiting for the test results. Since I had Rita, my two year old daughter with me, an age that is not particularly open to the idea of sitting still for more than 33 seconds at once place, I had to carry her around the hospital. 

It's a very impressive hospital indeed, the staff are friendly and there is a distinct feeling of calmness I haven't noticed in my brief stints at hospitals (especially government ones). I am sure this helps those in recovery. 

I made this video with Rita there.

Anyway, as I was wonder the hospital, I noticed a basket outside the speciality clinics department and it had tonnes of magazines. All magazines had a sticker on them, "For your reading pleasure, Friends of CGH project". It had mostly Bloomberg Businessweek magazines, something I look forward to reading (great content and really good design!) but rarely buy or subscribe to (although I do read online and have the app on my phone). 

I wanted to pick a few and take it down to read while I wait. As I was deciding which ones to take, a security guard approached, I thought I knew what he was going to say, "Sir this is only for patients of this department" or "Please take only one at a time" or "Please keep you daughter on a leash"...

He didn't say any of the above. He said, "Sir, please take as many as you want, take them all home. We have too many." Was he being sarcastic? There was only one way to find out. I picked nine of them and walked. He was so happy, he smiled and said, "thank you sir!"  

I have decided to subscribe to the magazine. Mostly because of the kind souls who are Friends of CGH and that friendly security guard. 


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