Saturday, December 28, 2013

Things I want to learn in 2014

2014 will be the year of learning new skills. Here is my wish list:

  1. German. I need to to this. I am a PhD candidate and lecturer at TUD, one of the best German universities, but still can't speak the language. I do have excuses, I teach the students in English, I am doing my research in English and I spend most of my time outside Germany but I want to learn it and I am going to make a serious effort starting January first. I don't think self study will work for me so I am going to enrol at the Singapore Goethe Institute. I am also doing duolingo and DW on the side for backup. 
  2. Coding. Mostly web, self study, HTML5, CSS3. Let's see how far I get. The aim is to independent when it comes to web based tasks. 
  3. Sailing. Don't ask me why, I just want to do it and Singapore looks like a great place to do it. This part of the world has a lot of islands and it would be great to travel in boat and do some exploring. I suspect, I got hooked reading this. Imagine, circling the world powered only by nature.

That's the top three, there are more but lets keep that for 2015.
All suggestions, advice, warnings - most welcome! 

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