Saturday, December 21, 2013

Surprise mainstream mention

Ever since I moved to Singapore, my newspaper consumption has dropped to near zero. Most of my work is in the digital space and most of my news consumption is from the internet. I try to make it a point to buy the Saturday edition of The Straits Times to keep the habit alive (also the Saturday edition is so thick, you feel like you have got a great bargain for $1 and personally contributed to the destruction of a few dozen trees). Carrying the paper back home from the corner store is also like a mild workout!

As I flipped through the main section, I was pleasantly surprised to find my name mentioned in one of the articles. +Nirmala Ganapathy, India correspondent of The Straits Times, messaged me a few weeks ago to ask me about my view on the Amul cartoons. I wasn't sure when it was going to be published but I am happy it came out on a Saturday. 

Here is the article online: Indian dairy milks everything for a laugh

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