Friday, December 27, 2013

Quitting is easy

Yes, it's true, quitting smoking is very easy. I should know, I have done it several times.
What's tough though is staying smoke free. Today, is my 28th day of "I Quit" (Facebook) effort. The challenge will be to stay this way.

I have tried this before but fell off the wagon, once even after two years! So what makes this time different?

One, I now live in Singapore, arguably one of the most expensive places to keep your puffing habit. The cash I used to spend buying cigarette packs now go to my daughter as pocket money. I find myself with much more loose change :)


Yesterday, I took Mary to POSB and opened a POSBkid account for her. If you spend $50 a week on your cigarettes, that's $2600 a year. That's a serious amount of money, especially for a six year old. She can buy herself a car by the time she is 18 maybe not in Singapore
But she can fund her education or go on a year break around the world or gift her father a Harley Davidson for his 50th birthday! (wink, hint, wink)

Two is obviously health reasons. There is no benefit to smoking, only harm. There is no safe limit and there is no such thing as "casual" or "social" smoking. Either you are a smoker or you are not. Cigars, Sheesha or "only when I travel" are lame excuses.

The longer you smoke, the worse it gets. Cycling helped me, it's cheap way to get addicted to something even stronger than nicotine. I bought my cycle secondhand from Togoparts for $120 and the endofin rush and sense of achievement is a great motivator to stay away from tobacco. 

On Saturdays I try to cycle to the city

Three, connivence. You no longer start making choices due to your addiction. You start sitting inside restaurants, spend more time with colleagues and friends who are non smokers. You won't have to worry about your smell and looking out for "smoking" areas. 

So if you are looking for inspiration, a reason, feel free to use this. 2014 is only a few days away and let it be the start of your smoke free life! 

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