Sunday, December 29, 2013

How to make Arnab Goswami a YouTube star

On the night of the 12th December I was surfing channels and accidentally came across that's a lie, I regularly watch The Newhour Super Prime Time with +Arnab Goswami on +TIMES NOW. It's the best late night comedy talk show on Indian television and it's available with the basic cable TV package on Mio TV here in Singapore.

Don't believe me, here is an exchange I saw (watch from 12:40):

To make it easier for people, I made an edit and uploaded on my personal YouTube channel:

Not sure what the laws are about doing this but I want to credit/attribute Arnab Goswami, Meenakshi Lekhi and Times Now for the rights of this video. If anyone of them have an objection, I can have this deleted. This was meant only as an attempt at light hearted humour. The clip was picked up by Scoop Whoop and The Kochi Post.

The video quickly went viral. There is also a remix version now done by a +Raka Ashok which is addictive. I have this on when I cycle (during extreme climbs!)

The original video has a little over 2100 views little date, my edit has over 240,000 and +Raka Ashok has over 200,000. If anyone at +TIMES NOW is reading this, here are some suggestions to make Arnab Goswami even more popular, especially on YouTube:

  1. Make shorter edits, people are more likely to share points and reactions. 
  2. Include clips not broadcast, like bloopers and perhaps a one minute monologue from Arnab everyday. 
  3. Make your site ( more YouTube friendly (especially embeds) and mention your YouTube channel during the show. 

I humbly request you take this in the right spirit and drop me a line if you want to talk about these ideas (or if you want me to take down the video).

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