Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Can we save Malayalam?

My daughters are second generation global nomads or third culture kids (see this also). They are more likely to be exposed to English, Mandrian, Bahasa, Arabic and German than Malayalam. Even family (including grandparents) now talk to them in English over the phone/Skype. The only Malayalam they are exposed to are limited to Malayalam news channels and movies we watch online. Does Malayalam stand a chance?

My friend Liji Jinaraj (based in SF) decided to ask his two year old directly.

Inspired by him, I decided to ask Rita, my two year old. 

Doesn't look like we stand a chance but at-least Rita responded to Suresh Gopi
I encourage you to try this with your child and post it on YouTube (if you send me the link, I will add it here). Years later if they ask why you didn't teach them Malayalam, you have proof. 

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